New Year's Resolution? Never again!

Are you someone who likes to participate in archaic traditions?

Yeah, me neither.

Like most people, I’ve retired from the increasingly obsolete tradition of setting a New Year’s Resolution because I never stay loyal to the resolution itself. So, if it isn’t really an effective strategy for personal growth or success, why use it?

I’ve been seeing this new tradition sprouting up like wildflowers on my social media recently and I’m kind of intrigued. It suggests choosing just one solitary word to represent that which you’d like to see manifested in the New Year.

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I'm baaaack (to blogging)!

My life looks radically different these days (in some ways anyhow). Since the last time I shared anything in this space, I got engaged, moved, turned 30, left teaching, got married, and started gaining a clearer idea of what I want my life’s work to look like. Whew. I’m learning how to navigate life wearing new and unfamiliar identities: 30-something, wife (oh yes, and that new, hyphenated name), Charlottean (sigh), person who tries to be braver in certain areas of her life despite seemingly insurmountable anxiety and fear, etc. I am still in the midst of trying to decide what freedom looks like in the context of my own life, both personally and professionally.

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I'll be presenting a workshop tomorrow for NLRSD's "Engaging Children with Materials" Professional Development Session. Be sure to check the workshops page for upcoming events!

Postpartum Nutrition (Guest Post by Julia Santerre)

The postpartum period is beautiful, emotional, overwhelming, and exhausting.  Your world revolves around this precious little person that you miraculously created and brought into this world, and everyone in the family is getting to know each other again.  As all of this is happening, don’t forget that you need to nourish yourself with healthy foods - your body put so many resources into growing and birthing a baby, and your physical and emotional health, as well as your quantity and quality of breast milk depend on your nutrition. 

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holistic postpartum care in the fourth trimester

The term essentially acknowledges that the first three months for a new baby are almost like an extension of the time in the womb. Human babies are born quite helpless due to a brain that is largely underdeveloped. (Within the first year, an infant’s brain size doubles.) The infant undergoes an immense transition from a confined environment that is dark and warm, with muffled sounds and constant nourishment and then enters a world where there is light, loud noises, lots of space, fluctuating temperatures and hunger. A baby relies on her caretaker for her every need (and those needs are many). Of course, babies need compassionate care and special attention during this critical period…and so do mothers

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My goal is to create a space for productive, respectful dialogue. A place for mothers, fathers, educators, activists and health care professionals to share information and stories.

My hope is that this project will ultimately contribute, even in some teeny, tiny way, to a paradigm shift with regard to how our society views and treats mothers and children.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

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